The history of food and Black protest, dismantling inadequate systems, and the contours of cooking with hands
The politics of citation in food and in writing, the lived embodiments of lobster, and what it means to say "we are all treaty people"
Rounding up the round-ups
With writing on the sensation of smell, tofu poetry, and the institutional failings of fine dining
Revisiting the interviews from 2020
Just get to the newsletter, you jerk.
And why "just getting to them" is the meme that will never die
And throwing cultures of karak into relief
A cursed mission statement, the food delivery economy, and that old "plants or money" chestnut
Recipe philosophies, the future of restaurants, and more
The price and cost of mass meat production, putting a spice in context, and how not to start a restaurant review
Building a national food service, remembering that brands are not friends, and renovating a burning house