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In Digestion is a weekly round-up of the best food media on the web, and why you should care about it. Convinced?

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The best food media on the web…

This is a resurrection of The Gannet Digest, which ran between 2017 and 2018. The Gannet is on pause, but its digester (me, James Hansen, hi! hello!) is not.

You can get an idea of the format by taking a look at the archive, or browsing the Best Food Writing of 2017. It’s one of few places where Salt Bae, melons as expensive as cars, and cliff-climbing honey hunters will jostle for your attention. Expect articles, podcasts, videos, photoessays, and more.


Need a little more? Okay…

…And why you should care about it

Depending on your perspective, it’s a truism or a cliché that food is a lens through which to tell bigger stories. I think it’s both: food is frequently a tool of storytelling synecdoche, but is there really a “bigger story” than the need to eat, be nourished, and survive?

By colliding multiple stories against each other each week, this will be more than a one-stop shop for great work — though that’s exactly what I want it to be. It will be kaleidoscopic: an observation of how stories soften their edges when rubbed against each other, and where the lines overlap.


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